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Why Ghana

Ghana is a vibrant West African nation with over 32 million people, boasting rich culture, abundant resources, and endless possibilities. Renowned as the world's second-largest cocoa producer and Africa's largest gold producer, Ghana's natural wealth is matched only by its political stability, upheld for over three decades. Its diversified economy encompasses agriculture, manufacturing, and services, while its commitment to democratic values beckons businesses and tourists seeking security. As headquarters of the African Continental Free Trade Area, Ghana is a gateway to Africa's booming market, further fueled by strategic location and economic reforms. Embrace Ghana's warmth and explore boundless opportunities in this optimistic, business-friendly haven.

56.785 km2

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Key highlights

Geographical Advantage
  • Average transit times of 14-18 days to the U.S. and 14-22 days to Europe, typically 2-5 weeks faster than East Africa and Asia.
  • Ghana's Port of Tema is among the most efficient ports in the region.
Favourable Trade Agreements
  • Duty-free exports to the U.S. under AGOA (15-32% cost reduction) and to the EU under EPA (up to 12% cost reduction).
  • Particularly strong advantages for synthetic and polyester fabrics.
Large Affordable Workforce
  • Ghana's statutory minimum wage is 5x lower than China's, 3x lower than Kenya's, and 50% lower than Bangladesh's.
  • The Anglophone population of 28 million, 57% of which are <25 years.
Peaceful, Stable & Democratic
  • Ghana is the most peaceful country in West Africa, underpinned by a homogenous population that shares cultural bonds.
  • A stable democracy with a 30-year track record of peaceful elections.
  • A growing middle class with good purchasing power.
Friendly Business Climate
  • Consistently ranked 1st in West Africa in the World Bank's annual Ease of Doing Business ratings
  • Robust industrial policies and targeted investment promotion support.
  • Fully serviced industrial Park located 25km east of Tema with proximity to the International Airport and the Tema Port.
Gateway to West African region
  • Ghana's central location, infrastructure, and political stability make it a gateway to the broader West African region.
  • Easy access to Nigeria's massive consumer and labor market.
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