LMI Partners Burkina Faso’s Economic and Trade Promotion Days Abroad (JPEC) ‘22

Since 2015, Burkina Faso has been organizing “Journées de Promotion Economique et Commerciale” of Burkina Faso abroad (JPEC) through the Ministry in charge of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), with the goal of fostering the development of the private sector, in particular, Small and Medium Enterprises and Small and Medium Industries and strengthening its economic and trade relations with African nations.

Through product fairs, conferences, and interactions between Burkinabe and JPEC host nation economic operators, this event seeks to boost the country’s commercial, cultural, and political sectors. It also intends to serve as a foundation for strengthening Burkina Faso’s diplomatic ties with other African nations.

In order to make the Burkinabe private sector competitive enough to take on regional and global competition, the JPEC aims to foster an environment that will allow Burkina Faso’s economy to smoothly integrate into continental and regional economies. The JPEC’s establishment has made it possible for Burkina Faso and its host nations to improve their economic and trade ties and for businesses to form alliances in the domains of business, finance, industry, and technology; the promotion of Burkina Faso’s cultural potential and the mobilization of investors and the Burkinabe diaspora to invest in that country.

JPEC started in Benin in 2015, in Côte d’Ivoire in 2017, and in Senegal in 2019. This year’s edition takes place in Ghana at the Accra International Conference Centre from Tuesday, 27 September – Sunday, 2nd October under the theme: Strengthening Burkina Faso-Ghana economic and trade partnership: what synergies of action in the current context of the implementation of the AfCFTA? Activities for the six-day long programme include Conferences, exhibitions, and appointments vs B2B and G2B to engage all participants.

This event is expected to host a government delegation from Burkina Faso led by His Excellency the Prime Minister; representatives of the Burkinabe public administration; managers of development projects and programmes; heads of institutions and organizations supporting the Burkinabe private sector; Ghana’s political authorities and private sector support structures; Burkinabe and Ghanaian business leaders; the Burkinabe diaspora in Ghana; exhibitors of goods and services originating in Burkina Faso; Diplomatic Missions and Representations accredited to Ghana, et al.

The specific aims of the JPEC 2022 edition include:

  • Strengthening economic and trade relations between Burkina Faso and Ghana.
  • Enable participating companies to establish commercial, technical, and financial partnerships and to promote their business.
  • Present the economic, cultural, and tourism potential of Burkina Faso to Ghanaian and African investors in general.
  • Present to economic operators in Ghana and the Burkinabe diaspora the investment opportunities in Burkina Faso and the mechanisms to support investors.
  • Present Ghana’s economic and trade regulations to Burkinabe companies.

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