Introducing An Entire Industrial Marketplace At Your Fingertips – THE AFRICA INDUSTRIAL TRADE SHOW.

In Africa, trade shows traditionally serve as a means to facilitate face-to-face interactions between different businesses and people. The primary purpose of such avenues is to typically converge all customers and prospects together on a common network where they may access a gamut of services, goods, and opportunities. This is considered to be the most efficient way to achieve trade goals. Imperative to such events is the need for businesses to demonstrate greater visibility, robust fundamentals, and sustained strategies with the aid of exhibition industry tools such as live product demonstrations, product debuts, hands-on product testing, and networking opportunities.

Again, fundamentally, Industrial trade exhibitions or shows are and have been a great way to gather client insight, estimate market potential, conduct research, assess competitors, build commercial structures by finding new agents and distributors, and start joint ventures and project alliances. Such events aid the advertising, marketing, and publicity efforts of the participating businesses. In effect, these result in alliances and partnerships, as well as helping to attract foreign investment to the nation.

This is what the Africa Industrial Trade Show (AITS) is all about. The AITS seeks to provide an ideal platform for participants to nurture trust and confidence across national and international supply chains. LMI Holdings initiated the Africa Industrial Trade Show (AITS) to highlight and promote Ghana’s largest and leading industrial parks to investors, industry professionals, and business owners. Since its launch in 2021, the AITS aims to offer a distinctive forum for regional and international businesses to connect and exchange ideas to forge long-term partnerships.

What To Expect at The Africa Industrial Trade Show.

The Africa Industrial Trade Show (AITS) promises to showcase multi-sectorial light and heavy industries including Agro-processing, garments and textiles, logistics, pharmaceuticals, materials, metal fabrication sectors, etc., that operate within the Meridian Industrial Park, Tema Free Zones Enclave, and Dawa Industrial Zone.

The AITS aims to:

  • Boost brand exposure for Ghana’s largest industrial parks.
  • Encourage FDls to Meridian Industrial Park (MIP) and Dawa Industrial Zone (DIZ).
  • Establish a forum for networking between the investor community and potential clients.

Participating in the AITS affords you the opportunity to explore and discuss novel approaches to improve client-company relationships to promote industry investment in Ghana and ultimately Africa; create or strengthen networks and avenues of communication within investor communities; highlight business and investment prospects under the AfCFTA as well as the difficulties experienced by the private sector.

Anticipate a bigger and better edition this year, as we aim to attract FDIs to the centre of the world.

Stay with us for more details.

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