Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency Tours Dawa Industrial Zone

On Friday, 2nd December 2022, a delegation from the Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA), as part of their mandate to understand the best industrial practices needed to facilitate and coordinate Gambia’s industrialization and promote FDI, conducted a study tour of Ghana’s foremost industrial park, the Dawa Industrial Zone.

The visit was geared towards understanding the way in which such a fully-serviced industrial park was built and sustained by LMI Holdings – a private developer of industrial lands in Ghana, with a view of applying the lessons learned to Gambia’s development plans.

The New Business Manager, Mr. Ekow Eyeson-Ghansah, and Copywriter, Abraham Ofori-Henaku of LMI Holdings, led the delegation which comprised Mr. Momodou Lamin Sowe –Director of Investment Promotion and Facilitation (GIEPA Delegation lead), Mr. Hamang Manjang – M&E Specialist, Project Coordination Unit – Ministry of Finance, Mr. Nfansu Saidykhan – Head of Finance – Project Coordination Unit – Ministry of Finance, Mr. Gabriel Gomez – Senior Manager of GIEPA, Mr. Alieun Baye – GIEPA Senior IT Officer, and Mr. Omar Jammeh – GIEPA Business and Export Development Officer.

The GIEPA delegation took a tour of the enclave’s pharmaceutical park, textile village, technology park, automobile hub, steel fabrication, and agro-processing parks which are all served by the 132 MVA (Phase 1) out of a 330/34.5kv substation within the enclave. Impressed by what they saw, the GIEPA delegation applauded the tremendous work put in place to preserve and sustain industrial activities within the enclave.  They remarked on the suitability of the Dawa Industrial Zone to host light and heavy industries and create employment opportunities. They also observed the efforts put in place to promote industrialization not only in Ghana but also in Africa.

Gambian delegation at the EPC Substation

They proceeded to commend LMI Holdings for their ongoing developments across the country, which include the Debre and Akwamu inland ports, expansion of railway road networks, and the 1000-megawatt solar plant, among other ongoing collaborations and partnerships with the government to replicate special economic zones across the country and in West Africa.

LMI Holdings also has the Meridian Industrial Park – a matured industrial park located within the Tema Free Zones enclave which currently accommodates over 65 companies that have generated over 7,000 employment opportunities through their industries. Additionally, this matured park has contributed over 3.4 billion in Foreign Direct Investment.

Acknowledging the laudable efforts to promote Africa’s industrialization, the GIEPA proposed collaboration with LMI Holdings to help replicate such sustainable and convenient business environments in the Gambia and across Africa to attract more foreign direct investments to the continent.

The Dawa Industrial Zone is a purposefully designed 2000-acre industrial enclave intended to host a wide range of light and heavy industries across various sectors. These include agro-processing, garments, and textiles, warehousing and logistics, steel fabrication sectors, etc. At full capacity, Dawa Industrial Zone is expected to host over 100 companies and support productions and operations within the enclave with fully-serviced infrastructure.

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