Dawa Industrial Zone: A Lucrative Investment Hub for Hassle-Free Land Acquisition in Ghana

Dawa Industrial Zone: A Lucrative Investment Hub for Hassle-Free Land Acquisition in Ghana

When it comes to setting up industries in Ghana, acquiring land can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Dealing with chiefs, families, and the government for land acquisition can take up to 6-12 months, not to mention the legal and administrative charges, registration, and title, utility connection, and infrastructure costs.

As an investor, you have two options: either settle for a one-stop-shop that provides peace of mind, the guarantee of setting up your business in real-time, and adherence to regulatory compliance that helps you avoid all the bureaucracies and hassle of land acquisition in Ghana and saves you from encountering challenges in the future or source for professional advice and guidance that walks you through each step of acquiring the appropriate documents and licenses for acquiring land and setting up in Ghana.

As an investor, your goal should be to enjoy an efficient and hassle-free working environment so as to reduce costs and increase margins of profit. Simply put, a hassle-free investment environment improves profitability, reduces costs and creates a safer working environment for yourself and your employees.

A solution that takes into account all these requirements and provides investors with a bundle of services is available at the Dawa Industrial Zone. The Dawa Industrial Zone has carved out a niche in the industry by providing investors with a one-stop-shop facility that encompasses all aspects of setting up their businesses in one transaction. These services include land procurement and acquisition, infrastructure development, industry-specific support structures (e.g., warehouse construction), water treatment plants, and power generation facilities.

Investing in the Dawa Industrial Zone not only saves investors the hassle of land acquisition but also provides them with a prime location that is strategically located close to the Tema Port, making it easy to access both local and international markets. Additionally, the industrial zone is equipped with all the necessary utilities and infrastructure required for industrial operations, such as 24/7 security, high-speed internet connectivity, and reliable power supply, thus eliminating any potential downtime and ensuring that business operations run smoothly.

The Dawa Industrial Zone also has a dedicated team of professionals that guide investors through the entire process of setting up their businesses. This includes obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses, registering with the appropriate government agencies, and connecting to utilities such as electricity, water, and telecommunication services. Again, the team also offers post-set-up support to ensure that investors focus on making profits and growing their businesses.

Moreover, the Dawa Industrial Zone has also taken into account the environmental impact of industrial operations by investing in green technology that reduces carbon emissions and promotes sustainable development. The zone has a wastewater treatment plant that ensures that industrial effluent is treated before being discharged into the environment, thus reducing the risk of pollution.

Basically, investing in the Dawa Industrial Zone guarantees investors a faster return on investment (ROI) due to the ease of land acquisition and the availability of all necessary infrastructure for setting up industries. Investors can focus on their core business while leaving the hassle of land acquisition and infrastructure development to the experts at the Dawa Industrial Zone.

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